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About Kenmore, NY- Your Neighbourhood Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

Fondly remembered as ‘Buffalo’s First Suburb’, Kenmore features a high-rated community in its village in Erie County in New York. Forming a part of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area, Kenmore covers a total land area of 1.4 sq. miles. As of 2010, the Census showed a population count of 15,423. The summers in Kenmore are relatively warm while the winters become gradually harsh and freezing as the temperatures drop. Be it the warm or cold climate, there is a consistent need for Home Comfort specialists in Kenmore and the availability of these services in the local region does not disappoint.

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Furnace Service & Repair

Ensuring that our residents remain warm in the frigid season by supplying them with superior heating services is simply one of the many responsibilities we undertake at Smart Home Heating and Cooling. Obvious signs are stating the failing efficiency of older furnaces and it is a fact that any machine degrades over time. For all the instances that you experience increased repairs and growing discomfort even with your furnace working at its maximum capacity, we offer our services in Furnace repair Kenmore NY to assist you in finding out the fault in your heating unit.

Furnace Installation & Replacement

While there are chances that you may have to upgrade from your older model and install a better and energy-efficient unit, you can rely on our services in furnace installation and replacement Kenmore NY for a thorough check-up of your unit or a consultation if you feel your unit simply needs a quick fix. Our field technicians conduct a stringent analysis of the functionality of the unit, the home conditions, and then offer up an estimate before carrying out the required services in furnace installation Lancaster Kenmore NY.

AC Repair & Installation

In a dire situation where you are dealing with a broken down air conditioning unit in the hottest days of the season, it is always reassuring to know that you have the backing of a reliable HVAC contractor able to provide lasting and efficient servicing of AC repair and installation Kenmore NY at any required time. Our capable technicians can deal with AC repairs relating to all models in the market and will troubleshoot any issues you may be facing with a systematic check-up of the unit first.

Indoor Air Quality & Boilers

With the increased chances of contracting air-borne infections, many homeowners are choosing to invest in quality products to improve their indoor air quality since the outdoor air quality is something we cannot completely influence. Smart Home Heating and Cooling offer various services in Indoor Air Quality and Boilers Kenmore NY ranging from air humidifiers, full-home air filtration systems, setting up ventilators, UV purification systems, and more as per your requirements. We also furnish all services related to Boiler repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement.

For any questions or requests related to our different services in Kenmore, NY, and the surrounding areas, please call us at 716-219-0779 to speak with a home comfort specialist about how we can address your needs.

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“These gentlemen were wise, professional, friendly, and got the job done in such a quick time I would and have recommended them to all friends and family. Great bunch of guys!”
Michelle Saj
“Prompt professional personal care the most effective home repair professionals I have dealt with in a very long time and I’ve been a landlord for 18 years thank you for the great job and your service”
Mary Koch-weber
“I had a home emergency while in Florida, and within three days, this company checked out my boilers, diagnosed the problem, gave me an estimate, AND replaced both boilers! They were very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, and I’ve already recommended them to three people since I came back from vacation!”
Katie Morales